If your fleet is facing the challenges of transporting dry goods, produce, and other perishables across Canada and North America, Kingpin Trailers is here to help! Since 2009, our team has been a leading supplier of top hauling and transport solutions and services, including an inventory that features multiple temperature-controlled vans and trailers from Hyundai. Designed to keep your load at the optimal temperature all ride long, refrigerated trailers (also known as “reefer” units) are a valuable investment for any fleet. Learn more about the benefits of reefer trailers, as well as Kingpin’s available stock, below.

Don’t Let Your Demand Wilt!

It’s no secret that the demand for fresh produce and perishables is a year-round constant, regardless of Canada’s climate and shifting temperatures. For those looking to keep their fleets competitive with minimal seasonal downtime, reefer trailers are a valuable investment that will allow you to take on more bids and keep your cashflow ever-growing. Purchasing a trailer from a reputable supplier means you’ll have peace of mind where quality is concerned, protecting your ROI and leaving your drivers with the confidence they need to tackle the roads.

Multiple Applications

In addition to their most obvious application, refrigerated trailers have multiple benefits and applications that help to further expand your fleet’s versatility. Such units are perfect for the hauling of plants, pharmaceuticals, dried products, and any personal care items that require a specific temperature to maintain composition. Most importantly, the fully enclosed and insulated structure of reefer trailers helps to keep the outside out and protect your freight from damage during transit, weather caused or otherwise.

Reefer Trailers At Kingpin Trailers

Kingpin Trailers is your first choice supplier of hauling and transport solutions throughout Western Canada, with offices located in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. re. Our product stock is constantly changing to meet the demand of our clients, and features reefer models like the 2021 Hyundai Thermotech; 53′ Refrigerated Van, Tandem. Hyundai reefer trailer demand has never been higher as a result of the newly designed and engineered Hyundai reefer trailer. Order yours today. We also feature a large inventory of trailers from other top names besides Hyundai, namely MAC and Trail King.

Find out more about our current stock by contacting our team today.